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Citifmonline.com last Monday reported that former member of the defunct music group, Dobble, Paa Kwasi has formed a new group with silky voiced Quarme Zaggy called NuLyfers.
    The writer, Kwame Dadzie disclosed that Quarme Zaggy in an interview said the two have come to an agreement to work together.
Already, the two have collaborative works like: 'High life' and 'Brafie' by Quarme Zaggy featuring Paa Kwasi,You sweet by Paa Kwasi featuring Quarme Zaggy, Choices by Kofi Nti featuring Paa Kwasi and Quarme Zaggy. So, working together as stated by Quarme Zaggy can be alliance and not necessarily be in a group.
    The reason why the two will come together is to churn out hit songs,make money and be recognized as a group.
     As it stands now, they have not disclosed the management or team they are going to work with.
     Irrespective of their talent and ability to compose nice high life tunes, they both fail when it comes to promotion. If things will be as it is now without a solid team supporting them with finance and other means the group 'NuLyfers' wouldn't be relevant.
     According to Citifmonline.com, NuLyfers will represent a new breed of highlife musicians whose aim is to project authentic highlife music in modernised persona. They said,they will make highlife appealing to the youth.
   My question is, Who says highlife is not appealing to the youth ? Young men and women  still dance to songs of Amakye Dede,Daddy Lumba,Kojo Antwi and others. So, what are they bringing  on board differently?
   They are both talented and what they need now is proper management and not forming a group.
   Reasons why the formation of the group may not be true and hold high percentage of it being publicity stunts is that:
    On that same Monday that the news came out as they being in a group, Graphic Showbiz published a story about only Quarme Zaggy.
    Paa Kwasi on the other side is still promoting his song 'Group Crises' which talks about problems in group formation.
    Information gathered by remedigh.com is that the news may be false.

Story : Daniel Lartey

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