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      Music from day one has been a form of expressing feeling, means of communicating and disseminating information to those who cherish and adore it.
        Though there is a large number of music variation, its purposes are always established immediately its played. Some songs speak positively in our lives and at some moments our decisions are taken based on some lyrics in a song. The purpose of this write up is to find out if  lyrics in songs should be taken serious.
        Since its accepted that some songs are there just for us to jump and make noise, should we still take the lyrics serious? if no ,then why do we encourage such songs.
          Sexually explicit songs have been allotted  a special time that wouldn't bring problems due to its content,not to bring sanity in our homes as a nation with a rich cultural values.
          So,when do we play songs that do not have vulgar languages yet hasn't gotten anything to be educated about but the vice versa.
        Few examples in Ghana music industry are as follows: Ofori Amponsah featuring Sarkodie on the song titled Alewa,eShun- Simple as ABC,Pope Skinny's latest song titled Asuoden featuring Shatta Wale,Kofi Bee's song titled wo se shirt,  
        Some musicians are noted to be singing more love songs yet they have issues with their relationship, does that mean they don't practise what they preach?

Story by: Daniel Lartey

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