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FOCAP has read in the Monday 18th September Edition of the News One newspaper a very worrying
story, headlined "Ghallywood Film Village Closed Down?" the story then went further to prove
currently the happenings and unfortunate level of abandonment. FOCAP wants to congratulate
NewsOne and its editorial team.
Firstly, FOCAP wants to congratulate Mr William Akuffo for envisaging such a wonderful dream and
putting effort in securing about 200 acres of land (800 plots) for a wonderful African film village.
ln as much as he (Mr William Akuffo) is an individual who wanted to help the industry by training
students of which he did personalities like Akuma Mama Zimbi who completed in 1999, Anita Owusu,
Majid Michel and others who studied their acting careers with the same school.
FOCAP understands that in 2005 , Mr William Akuffo with assistance from Ghana Youth Employment
and Entrepreneurial Agency ( GYEEDA) to help accommodate and feed students of the school. GYEEDA
consequently started sending students there to undergo a 3 months intensive training for which the
students were provided equipment by the government to enable them start work.
FOCAP is also reliable informed that GYEEDA intended to open between 200- 400 shops across he
country specifically to sell local movies.
FOCAP also realized from research the dream Ghallywood had to establish a television station and a
radio station in 2013 August.
With all the above on hindsight, FOCAP is proposing to the Ministry of Tourisim, Culture and Arts that,
with immediate effect;
1- Adopt the school and bring the school under the supervision of the Ministry.
2- Attach the Ghallywood Film Village to our only training school NAFTI to help build a strong
3- Revamp the school and further help the industry get a good film village where our film industry can
shoot their movies.
4- Use this film village to create more jobs for artisans by strategically partnering with the Private
Media Training schools and the National Youth Employment Agency and Maslog.
5 - Investigate how effective the GYEEDA help was and design a blueprint to integrate this into the Free
SHS policy and into the tertiary education.
FOCAP is always ready to provide the necessary research, policy suggestions and clarifications as
needed by necessary agencies and Commissions

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