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Top notch Nigerian entertainer and entrepreneur Jonathan Eze Nwadinobi affectionately called Eze who was honored as the ambassador for IU (Ikwuabo Umuahia) in Ghana at the Women and Youth Christian Association,Adabraka last Saturday 11th November, has spoken on the perception Ghanaians have about Nigerians.

Remedigh.com  in an exclusive interview with the musician,Actor and Entrepreneur Eze, He said"For years the Igbo youth have had to endure a barrage of stereotypical name calling and many injustices. There have been many who think the Igbo youth are born to be prostitutes or thieves or fraudsters. It is also very unfortunate that a lot of miscreants have, by virtue of their appalling lifestyles, given wood to the fire of untruth that’s burning in the hearts and minds of many people about who the Igbo youth are and what
we represent as compared to the wrong information out there.

He added,"On the contrary, it is worthy to note that the true Igbo youth is a well brought up young man or lady who is very well polite, humble, intelligent and industrious. Igbo youth are very thoughtful people who carry the burdens of their family and society squarely on their shoulders, quick to proffer solutions to issues, never running away from challenges, persons who sift truth from lies. To even go ahead to spend time to discuss the industrious nature of the Igbo youth is just like going ahead to state the obvious. We are born with the desire to work, and not just to work but to be the best wherever we are. We aren’t people who wait to be offered solutions, we create solutions, we are problem solvers, and this is really what makes us unique".

In addition, Eze said "It is easy to listen to the raging rhetoric that undermines the strength and spirit of the Igbo youth and believe that indeed we have little to offer society. But I assure you that you’d be denying yourself of the greatness that’s yours by virtue of being an Igbo person if you listen to what everyone has to say about us. Why didn’t the Eagle learn to fly? The answer is that the eagle listened to the chicken and believed that he was also a chicken and didn’t belong in the skies. It would be best for us to take notice of the thousands and millions of Igbo youth around the world who are making us proud in many ways, people who are trail blazers in the academia and in industry and the arts".

Advising the youth of Igbo, he said "Umunnem, anyi bu ndi igbo, ndi chukwu goziri agozi, ka anyi biri n’udo. Igbo youth should learn to be more accepting of who we are, should seek to know more about our history, and should rally together to create an enviable future for us and for the rest of the world wherever we find ourselves"

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