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Nayas 1 Movie Production’s ‘ENDWENE BONE’ Brings Back The Glory

Affable Ghanaian movie producer and actress Gladys Mensah Boaku popularly known as Nayas1, has brought back the glory the industry lost years back by evidencing to faultfinders that a movie when well produced would be accepted by all and sundry.
The Ghanaian movie industry which most people say is dead isn’t the case of renowned production house Nayas 1 movie production but to them it has rather been leisurely in progress and can easily be re-energized collectively.
According to Nayas 1, everyone or industry goes through trials and anytime that amenity of unfortunate difficulty happens, it takes the collective effort of assurance, quickness and the enthusiasm to its due stage.
“If the industry is dead I am sure I wouldn’t be shooting any movie and be releasing, but the point is the level at which we used to shoot compared to now is low “She revealed.
According to her, One of the reasons that has caused this deterioration is that film executive producers at a point didn’t get returns or make profit from their investments.
She suggested the film executive producers should collectively come together and look for a quick solution instead of pouring all the blames on Television stations showing Telenovela’s, though Telenovela’s she admits is part of the reasons why the industry is not performing as expected.
Nayas 1 self-produced movie titled ‘Endwene Bone’ directed by George Afriyie has surely brought back the glory we lost in our movie industry.
Explaining further Nayas said her movie ‘Endwene bone’ features celebrated actors like Kojo Nkansah Lilwin, Akrobeto, Christiana Awuni, Yaw Dabo, Don Little, Original Nayas, Prince William and many others.
She said the story in the movie is based on a true-life story where Lilwin happens to be a sluggish father who has over pampered his daughter Nayas. Nayas leaves the village to seek greener pastures and auspiciously for her, she met Akrobeto who promised to marry her but the story turns out to be something she least expected.
Nayas comes across as one of Ghana’s most beautiful young actresses/producers who has over the period set the stride to invest their capitals into movies to save the Industry from further critics.
The naturally endowed star and arguably Ghana’s fast rising actress who has been received by many, after her performance in hit TV series, Chorkor Trotro. Her passion to act began when she featured in the popular Akan Drama Series (Obra) and joined the cast for the popular Television Barber and Shoe shine and ‘Pa 2 Pa’.
Nayas is the Chief Executive Officer of NAYAS 1 Movie Production. Her beautiful looks and confidence landed her roles in popular movies like ‘Who Killed Uncle Atta’, ‘Prof Mike’, ‘Meni Suo’,
Battle, Hotel Girls, Bleeding Heart, Obaa Nti, Saa and many others yet to be premiered.
The development in the industry cannot be discussed without mentioning those producing movies in the difficult times trying to bring back the glory.

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