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     Adjetey Anang, a Ghanaian actor popularly known as "Pusher" in the Ghanaian movie industry has said that, everything is not about money but how you positively impact the lives of young people.

According to him, when mentoring young people, you have to be  careful with your choice of words and actions; because everything you do out there can to touch lives positively or negatively.

    He went to say that, the work he does is not just about the income, but for him it's a ministry and that the choice of characters he opts for in a storyline should have an element for touching and transforming lives of the younger generation.

     The actor in an interview with Franky5 host of this is gospel show on Hitz Fm, said that so far as you are in the limelight, you will get attention from tons of people; especially ladies from all walks of life. But try as much as possible to draw a line between the work you do and the feedback you get.

    Actor Adjetey Anang said, he has a responsibility of making sure that he does what he says in order to impact positively because mentoring young people is about  living your life as an example for them to emulate and always think of impacting positively even if it's one person.

Written by: Naa Adoley

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