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Disc Jockeying In Ghana Is Very Lucrative - DJ Rhapsody

The entertainment industry has observed a place in which to carve out a career, and attempting to navigate this patriarchal, charlatan-filled landscape is all the more trying so hard.

DJ Rhapsody in an exclusive interview with REMEDI ENTERTAINMENT, he disclose the ordeal of success in sector of Disc Jockeying career.

''I am relatively well-known and have worked in the business for almost a decade, filling clubs, doing the festival circuit and touring with some of the biggest names on the scene. And yet I have experienced repeated incidents of chauvinism and condescension, especially when trying to discuss my fees and terms with those behind the scenes.

''It’s a dog-eat-dog industry and although there is a veneer of camaraderie, it is merely that. If you don’t fit into the lads’ gang, life is much more difficult. And there’s no such sorority among the job,''- he said.

DJ Rhapsody as he works at Kasapa fm, affiliated to EIB Network who revealed he is based and operates from almost all part of the country adding that, he finds his sector of Job very good in money making.

''I am a young and talented Disc jockey (DJ) from Ghana. As a DJ I have been raised from the very young age and have  acquired the skill in blending and mixing African music both current and old.''he added.

According to him, he is optimistic his daily works and portfolio bring out outstanding and creative mixes as he often do to interest people and get them jumping and dancing anytime he hits the spinning board.

''I want to be known for my works and be invited locally and worldwide to shows and concerts. I do also mixes for movies, play writes and musicians across Africa and the world.'' - he disclosed.

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