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Building something is never easy like destroying. A lot of work was put in the very first Eastern music awards which was attacked by the people we toiled to prepare such a great event for. Well, that never discouraged us but rather kept us strong until God paved way for the second edition.
After the first one people really thought the second edition wont happen but with determination and hard work we are on course.

The second edition since it's launch have been faced with equally difficult challenge of public attacks and lack of support.
Despite not being able to secure a main headline sponsor, the team is working very hard to manage the few resources they have to make the main event another successful one.

The second edition is been contested with issues of nomination list and in recent times an artiste withdrawing for a reason that could have been solve in a responsible manner.

Nothing is perfect but the EMA is working hard to assure a close to perfect award in the best Interest of the region. Despite the fact that the award is cherished by its stakeholders, remember the board equally have their reputation and dignity at stake to protect.

Lot of work is underway to ensure the nomination jam scheduled for 24th November 2018 would be  an epic event.

Voting process would be free and fair to strengthen credibility of the awards.

The board is willing to do all it can to ensure this award remain one of the biggest and best events that the Eastern region can call ours.

Nothing comes easy, Let's unite and support the EMA to show the world, the east is capable.

God bless us all


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