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I Have Received A Lot Of Criticisms For My Movie Roles - Samuel Ofori

Over the period, critism on movie roles has been very loud from Patrons and Stakeholders.

Samuel Ofori who is no exception from such public outrage says, people criticising movie makers don't really understand the input and output of movie production for that matter, he doesn't pay much attention to such talks.

In an exclusive interview on Zylofon FM's Showbiz Agenda with Arnold Elavanyo Mensah, he disclosed movie production comes in a different prospects.

"People always criticize matters they have less knowledge about. Acting in a sex related movies does not make one Evil" - he said.

According to him, Ghanaians started the rant of insults on actors and actresses when the screen was more of kissing and sexual roles adding that, it was rather to speed up competition to the Nigerians.

Samuel Ofori is an actor, producer, script writer and director as well. He has over the years starred like "ME BIE GYA", "NOT ENOUGH" plus a host of others.

Written by LAPIGEE

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