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Lady Porsh -The Porshdiary episode 2

( I'm blessed beyond curse) 

We become a threat to the devil when we claim our royal priesthood. The enemy is well aware of whom we are in Christ and he knows the power and might that is given to us through the Holy Spirit. He is threatened and will try to use our weaknesses to tempt us that he may defeat us and take away our inheritance in the Kingdom of God.

In Genesis 12: 1-3, God told Abram he would bless him, bless those who bless him and whoever curses Abram, God would curse

In Numbers 22: a foreign king asked Ballam to curse Israel. Ballam’s response was THAT NO ONE CAN CURSE ISRAEL. None can curse something God has blessed.

My prayer for you is that, God almighty raise curses upon any human that pronounce curses on you. You are blessed and nothing can change your destiny IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! 
AMEN.. 🙏🏽

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Lady Porsh -The Porshdiary episode 2

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