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Fella Makafui To Drag Movie Producer To Court

Actress Fella Makafui has attacked the producer who helped her into the limelight over using a movie title she wasn’t aware of and has threatened to take the matter up to court.
Fella Makafui took to her Facebook page to address the issue and she calls her former bass a fraudster.
According to Fella Makafui, the movie she starred in wasn’t the titled he used so she sees it to be fraud.

The producer of this yet to be released movie has also explained that Fella Makafui was out of reach when the new name for the movie came so they proceeded without her consent.

He has featured Fella Makafui again in a new movie titled “Kakalika Love” but according to Fella Makafui, this wasn’t the original movie title so she has been disrespected.

Story by Justice Walker Junior

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