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Ghana Media behind Most breakups of Celebrity Marriages - Lilwin

Award winning kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah has said that, the media in Ghana are most often behind the many celebrity marriages occurring.

Speaking in an interview with Yaa Konama On Adekye Nsoroma, the Actor/musician said most breakups in celebrity marriages are due to negative stories by some media houses.

According to him, lies and unnecessary fabrications were spread all over his break up with  his Baby mama.

Explaining further, he said some Ghanaian media houses just pick issues and do not present it as the truth.

“We celebrities have our private lives and private issues, but because they are celebrities just a misunderstanding can make a news and lead to a whole breakup." he said.

However, he advised that wives and husband of celebrities should be careful and hold on to their spouse no matter what happens.

" I will urge anyone dating or married to a celebrity to hold on to them, because there are some issues which could just be a misunderstanding between them and could be solved privately indoors but because they are celebrities, it comes out and ruin whatever they have.

"Relax and don’t make decisions you will regret later," he advised .

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