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Official Press Release For WOLA


It is our pleasure to introduce WOLO to Ghana. A ga word which means book, Wolo is an E-learning Project designed to offer High School education as well as skills training to Africans.

Through the power of technology, students in our high schools will be able to access quality tuition from some of the best teachers in our elite schools, irrespective of where they live.

Wolo will deliver learning experience through multiple channels, including web, mobile applications and digital television. Through our live and video on demand (VOD) feeds, students will have flexible options to study at their own pace, anywhere and at any time. The platform also offers opportunities for hands-on tests with our library and bookstore providing the needed literary materials for studies.

Our skills training program is designed to empower and enhance human capital by offering practical knowledge in various spheres of life. 

This 'outdooring' marks the first step of a series of engagements with the nation, as we open a new chapter in our quest to leverage on technology to expand the frontiers of schooling. We invite you to explore our web platform www.woloafric.com and all our social media handles where we provide additional information and details on what we have on offer. 

Even as we prepare to upload content to enable High school students receive tuition during this Christmas and end of semester break, we invite parents, especially, to register on our website now for updates and alerts on courses.

Our library and bookstore are open for business to publishers and authors as well as publishing companies.

Wolo is a smart, fun, interactive and affordable way of learning.
Wolo Limited | 13 Tingatinga St | GA-564-6430 | 0548669229 | info@woloafric.com 

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