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You Can't Buy Talent - Aroma To Yaa Jackson

One talented and beautiful female High-Dance (fusion of High-life and Jamaican Dancehall) artiste Aroma Rule has descended heavily on young female cum actress Maame Yaa Jackson.

According to her, the name Yaa Jackson sounds like a "Sanitary pad and tooth paste"

Speaking in an interview on the Sunday Special Show  hosted by Kojo Pooley on Thunder TV, she revealed that, her talent has no competition in the female fraternity as young musicians.

"My level of talent has no cohesion in the young female fraternity, I am extra ordinaire." - she said.

Host of the Show further asked Aroma if she knows Yaa Jackson the young singer and actress but to everyone's surprise Aroma replied by asking Pooley back "who's Yaa Jackson, Is she a Sanitary pad or tooth paste"

Aroma said the young controversial actress who claims she dates big men and  wear expensive dress wealth thousands of cedis has no talent.

She further advised the young female to focus more on talent than the noise making.

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