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Prominent motivational speaker Maame Felicia has spew her grief in a Facebook live video concerning the rate at which marriages breakdown in Ghana because of tribalism.

She said ‘’Tribalism has led to marriage for wrong reasons; all the ingredients of a happy marriage which should be the per-requisite of approval are neglected. Things such as love, person’s character, religious commitment and questions to consider before marriage like: has your courtship been smooth or turbulence, do u have compatibility interests, attitudes, values and goals’’.

Unfortunately with tribalism and ethnic profiling, people focus has entirely been on a person’s tribal background. Someone characterized by domestic abuse and alcoholism, have more value than a person who is hard-working, God-fearing and modest solely for the reasons of his/her tribe, she reiterated.

She added, ‘’People who fall in love for the right reasons and see a future together as a lovely husband and wife, but from different tribes are seen  impossible for them ever getting married because both parents from each family will not approve of it. Most end up marrying someone they do not love. This in many cases has led to unhappy marriages, cheating spouses, broken homes and high divorce rate.

Every individual is molded by the culture of the society into which he/she is born. We know, for example, that how we see shapes and colours is to some extent determined by this process of molding. No individual is perfectly molded if any is then I don’t think you should be on this earth.

If two people fall in love, let’s have high hopes that things will go well with the help of God so that it kills the tribalism syndrome, she concluded.

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