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Birthday Celebration! Joyce Dzidzor goes Naked

Former AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah yesterday took social media by storm after she posted a half-naked video of herself dancing as she celebrates her birthday.

Joyce Dzidzor, popularly known for her social media stunt couldn't celebrate her birthday without pulling a drama as she took to her Facebook page served Ghanaians with a half-naked video dancing to Wendy Shay's "Hold My Waist" in her room wearing nothing but her underwear.

The Controversial former AIDS Ambassador recently mocked the various fundraising ceremonies held both in Ghana and in Europe to help build a National Cathedral for the nation.

“We are building a church for Jesus Christ to come and live in Ghana because we have too many problems. We do not have enough schools for the children, we do not have enough drinking water, we do not have ambulances so when people fall sick they die”- she said.

Since her days as AIDS Ambassador till now, she has not missed a month of speculating in the news field of Ghanaians. 

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