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Mother accuses Yaw Dabo of neglecting his 5-year-old son

Kumawood star Yaw Dabo has been accused by an unknown woman for not living up to his responsibilities as the father of his alleged 5-year-old son he has neglected for years.

In an angry and frustrated tone, the unknown woman, who gave her name as Akua Adom, claimed when she got pregnant for Dabo, the actor told her not to mention his name at the time because things were not going well with him financially.

According to her, years after delivering, Yaw Dabo has refused to come back and take care of the child as promised even though the actor seems to be doing well now.

She also stated that the "M3gye Wo Girl" actor has now made enough money because he is featured in movies and that he must take up his responsibilities.

"This is Akua Adom speaking. Yaw Dabo wherever you are I am speaking to you. The seed that you sowed has germinated and borne fruit.

"You got me pregnant and asked me not to tell anyone you are the father of the child because things were not going well with you"

"I adhered to your request but up until now, you have not made up your mind to look after the boy.

"You are rich and appearing on TV but you will not come and look after the kid. I'm telling you to come and take up your responsibility because I know you are watching," the lady angrily said.

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